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St Andrew’s Cross

23rd November 2017 |

The St. Andrew’s Cross, which can go by many other names like; Crux decussata, X-cross, X-frame or saltire cross is a common piece of equipment in BDSM dungeons. The St. Andrew’s Cross comes height-adjustable, available either free-standing or with f...

Basic Horse with Kneeling Attachment

8th November 2017 |

This month’s featured piece is our Basic Horse with Kneeling Attachment. Note how the horse provides ample support as well as offering stability and style.  Designed for maximum comfort in various positions,  the Basic Horse allows for your imaginati...

Spanking Stool

18th September 2017 |

This month’s feature piece is our heavy duty Spanking Stool. Our quality Dominant Furniture Spanking Stool is built with playful fun in mind.  The stool offers a range of anchor points which allow a person to be secured in multiple positions.   ...